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How I Did It: Image of Fairground in Barcelona

Every year, around the last week of April, a big fair is held in Barcelona. La Feria de Abril (the April Fair) is based on the cultures of Andalusia and there are numerous tents set up for the various Flamenco groups to showcase their dancing.

There’s also a traditional fairground with lots of rides. This year it was set up so that the dusk sky was behind the rides, so I knew that it was a good opportunity to get a shot that I had been thinking about for some time.

I set up on a high vantage point and started shooting. I made sure that I got all of the rides in motion in different images, because they weren't all in operation at the same time.

Back home, I identified one image that would be my base image (chosen because the sky looked the best), and then selected other images where each fairground ride was moving. I then C&P’d each ride & masked them onto my base image. I then chose an image where the people were sharp & not blurred, and also masked it into the base image.


Once I had all the elements in place, I flattened the image and saved it as a new file to continue with the overall image enhancements. I made use of a lot of Adjustment Layers, finishing with a High Pass Sharpening Layer set to Soft Light Blend Mode. I masked the sharpening into the rides and foreground, but not the sky as I didn’t want to generate any noise in the sky, nor does the sky need to be sharp.


Here’s the final result. I was pretty pleased!